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If you enter your requests here they will be sent out by email to photographers with relevant collections.
Any that have suitable images will upload them onto an online lightbox for you to view.
We have photographers in more than 130 countries worldwide so we can find just about anything!

Quote: "Your service is great, you did a fantastic job. I presented the images to the client and I'll get back to you as soon as I have an answer from them. You were fast, efficient and accurate, I thank you for your time and interest." Sincerely, Carlos Carvajal
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  Please include a title that will give photographers a good general idea of what pictures you need. For example 'African Agriculture' is better than 'Pictures for Schoolbook'.
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 * The more detail you provide the more suitable the images are likely to be.
 * Our photographers are INTERNATIONAL, so please make it clear if you need country-specific images.

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- Please include some idea as to your budget. This will be assumed to be per image unless stated otherwise.
- Many libraries and photographers have minimum fees they will accept and will not receive requests with low fees.
- The higher the fee you offer, the better your chances of finding suitable images.
- Budget quoted is supposed to be an estimate and is not considered binding to either buyer or photographer.
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 For any other usage (eg. poster, calender, advert, tv, website etc) please quote a per image rate. You can add details in the notes box below.
 Notes on budget: Please include any info available regarding print run, language, territorial/geographical rights etc
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All photographs are copyright protected and cannot be used without permission. The digital images on the Photographers Direct company website are available for licensing direct from the professional photographers who have submitted them. If you are interested in buying a picture license you can submit a 'purchase enquiry' by entering your contact details and either quoting your budget or asking the photographer to send you a quote for the use of their stock photos. Your query will be automatically emailed to the photographer and you will also receive an email with the photographer's contact details so you can contact them direct about their images. If you cannot find a photograph that is suitable for your needs on the website, please try our free online stock photography search service. We have photographic professionals for hire for assignments all over the world, so we have a good chance of finding any picture you need.

Photographers Direct is committed to assisting pro photographers in receiving the best possible commission rates for the licensing of their stock photography images.

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