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24 photographers who do Afro-American photography: (studio not required/required)

Professional African-American photographers by country:  
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Barbados (1) 
Brazil (1) 
Canada (1) 
Cyprus (1) 
England (2) 
Estonia (1) 
Italy (1) 
Netherlands (1) 
Peru (1) 
Portugal (1) 
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United States (8) 
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African-Americans photographers

JUAN CARLOS LOPEZ PHOTOGRAPHY : photos | map | email Category: Venezuelan Afro-American photographers

JUAN CARLOS LOPEZ :  Editorial photographer specialized in travel photography, nature and culture in Venezuela and north Brazil and Colombia.

Special portrays sessions available and special coverage of events (different than just social photos).

Some prizes achieved in Gourmand World Cookbooks Awards, and... > more info
Juan Carlos Lopez

INDYFOTO : photos | map | email Category: Canadian African-Americans photographers
Photographer Linda Dawn Hammond is recommended
LINDA DAWN HAMMOND :  Linda Dawn Hammond MFA 1996, Toronto based Professional Freelance Photographer/Journalist, Will travel.

Languages: English, French & German.

Canadian and UK citizen Extensive photo archives... > more info
Linda Dawn Hammond
King St. West and Bathurst
M6J 3R5

PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTISTRY : photos | map | email Category: American Afro-American photographers

HEATHER KIRK :  Fine Art Photography, Florals, Landscapes, Conceptual

Seeing: At the most basic, yet important level, what I do as a photographer and artist is ¡¥see¡¦.

There are times when a keen sense of presence and beauty invades me. I notice details, patterns, edges, contrast, or intense color;... > more info
Heather Kirk
7950 E. Starlight Way
United States

DUNDEE PHOTOGRAPHICS : photos | map | email Category: Scottish African-Americans photographers

EUAN DONEGAN :  Professional Photographer that can capture the ideal photograph for your corporate,promotional and personal use. I look to create and bond positive relationships with new clients and customers. As a member of the British Professional Photographers Association and the Society Wedding and Portrait Photographers International I have very high standard and very own style of photography. Supplies top quality photographs created for your brochures, online and editorial use and provide a range commercial and stock... > more info
Euan Donegan
31 Gleneagles Road

JIM WEST PHOTOGRAPHY : photos | map | email Category: Afro-American photographers, USA

JIM WEST :  Jim West specializes in photography of the labor movement and social issues including housing, health care, unemployment, race relations, education, energy, the economy, environment, nuclear power, immigration, politics, religion, volunteer work, farming, and more. He has more than 25 years experience doing assignment work and creating stock photos.

Galleries of recent work and a stock photo list are available on his website.... > more info
Jim West
4875 Three Mile Drive
United States

MARGUS SOOTLA PHOTOGRAPHY : map | email Category: Estonian African-Americans photographers

MARGUS SOOTLA :  I'm a traveller in heart. I've been into photography for around two decades. Mostly working with analog film, documentary and analog fine art, but also ocasionally do digital field work.

I'm more quality less quantity photographer, focusing on at what I do rather than try to make all things with compromises.... > more info
Margus Sootla

CORRIE SCOTT PHOTOGRAPHY : photos | map | email Category: Barbadian Afro-American photographers

CORRIE SCOTT :  In her daily and also world travels, Corrie always has a camera close to hand to capture those elusive human moments and those ' around the corner' views that delight. The back light of a flower, a turtle popping its head up above water, a lonely worker in the fields, a huddle of ladies gossiping under and umbrella, the balletic movements of the fishermen as they use their nets. So much that surrounds us.... > more info
Corrie Scott
17 Pavilion Court
Christ Church

CHRIS CHRISTO PHOTOGRAPHY : photos | map | email Category: Cypriot African-Americans photographers

CHRIS CHRISTO :  Free-lance professional photographer specializing in fashion, advertising, product, jewellery, travel and editorial. Have over 30 years experience in the industry all over the world. Studied photography in Australia and now based in Europe. Have also worked as a cinematographer operating HD cameras.... > more info
Chris Christo
Grivas Digenis Ave 10

ARNI KATZ STUDIO, INC. : photos | map | email Category: Afro-American photographers in USA

ARNI KATZ :  Greetings!

I've been behind a camera professionally since 1972.

One of my earliest memories was picking up my mother's huge 6X8 Kodak bellows camera and setting off the shutter and flashbulb at age... > more info
Arni Katz
United States

PURGART : photos | map | email Category: Austrian African-Americans photographers

JUERGEN PURGSTALLER :  Great Eye for the right angle and able to transfer words written or spoken into a picture.... > more info
Juergen Purgstaller
Ferdinand Jergitschstrasse 2

IRENE ABDOU PHOTOGRAPHY : map | email Category: Afro-American photography of United States

IRENE ABDOU :  I come from the world of humanitarian aid & international development, first getting my start in as a Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa, where I lived in a mud hut with a straw roof in a tiny village of 40 people and later in a small town of 10,000. Without running water or electricity, I cooked on a portable burner hooked up to a small cannister of gas. I perfected my French language skills and picked up Fulfulde and Djerma. After 3 1/2 years in Niger, I returned to the Washington, DC area, eventually moving back... > more info
Irene Abdou
12914 Town Commons Drive
Germantown, MD 20874
United States

GREENSHOOTS COMMUNICATIONS : map | email Category: English African-Americans photography

NORMAN CHILDS :  As an award winning photographer, I frequently travel to extremely remote places in the world on assignments for several multi-national corporations, providing high quality creative imagery for annual reports and investor relations presentations.

Although based in the UK, I work for several companies based in the US and Canada. My expertise in lighting and the understanding of industry and corporate and social responsibilty, has been... > more info
Norman Childs
5 Morris Street
RG27 9NT

LITEHOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY : map | email Category: American Afro-American photography

CHARLES S POWELL :  Creative photographer/photojournalist with an eclectic eye for and from a variety of subjects and influences.... > more info
Charles S Powell
705 Centennial Parkway #611
Raleigh, NC 27606
United States

ALESSANDRO PARENTE PHOTOGRAPHY : map | email Category: Italian African-Americans photography

ALESSANDRO PARENTE :  Born in italy,

Alessandro Parente is graduated from the fine arts academy of Bologna.

He was working in reportage and fashion... > more info
Alessandro Parente
tagliacozzo (AQ) Italy

WAYNE HUGHES PHOTOGRAPHY : map | email Category: Afro-American photography, United States

WAYNE HUGHES :  Wayne is a freelance photographer based in Roswell, GA. While he shoots a variety of subjects, he specializes in sports, travel and event photography.

His stock photography collection currently holds thousands of images and is updated regularly. He spends most of his time in the Southeastern United States, but also travels to other USA locales and internationally... > more info
Wayne Hughes
Roswell, GA
United States

IGNACIO EVANGELISTA PHOTOGRAPHY : map | email Category: Spanish African-Americans photography

IGNACIO EVANGELISTA :  Ignacio is an award-winning fine art and commercial photographer. His pictures has been exhibited in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain, and have been displayed in CNN International TV Channel(USA), The Independent on Sunday(UK), Citylab-The Atlantic(USA), Der Spiegel(Germany), VICE(Netherlands), Fast Company(USA), The European(Germany), Haaretz(Israel), ArchDaily(USA), Domus Magazine(Italy), Archithese(Switzerland), Jyllands-Posten(Denmark), El País Semanal(Spain) and Yorokobu... > more info
Ignacio Evangelista
Luis Mitjans 50C, 3A
28007 Madrid

TOM UHLMAN PHOTOGRAPHY : map | email Category: Afro-American photography in United States

TOM UHLMAN :  I enjoy shooting a wide range of subjects, from news and sports to wildlife a portraits. I've been freelancing since 1989 and clients include The AP, Reuters, The New York Times, Cicny Business and Ohio Magazines, book publishers such as Houghton Mifflin, Harcourt, and Chicago Review Press. I have a large stock portfolio of over 80,000 images with coverage of East Africa, the Caribbean, and much of the US. Video production is a large part of my work flow also and I can cover the complete process of the production... > more info
Tom Uhlman
4308 Leeper St.
United States

FOTOGRAFI PRO : map | email Category: Brazilian African-Americans photography

IAN WICKISON :  40 years as a professional photographer. Experienced in product, portrait, wildlife, corporate & studio photography. I specialise in the use of natural light.

Emigrated to Brazil in 2009 from the UK. I work full time as a freelance photographer covering water sport competitions surfing/kitesurfing), property photography, events & functions and food photography for local restaurants and hotels. I continue to carry out personal portrait... > more info
Ian Wickison
Sitio Lagoa das Cobras
Caixa Postal #27
Sao Goncalo do Amarante

ERROL SAWYER PHOTOGRAPHY INC : map | email Category: Dutch Afro-American photography

ERROL SAWYER :  Classic analog photographer with 45 years experience.
Black&White and... > more info
Errol Sawyer
1e Weteringdwarsstraat 39

MARCO SIMOLA PHOTOGRAPHY : map | email Category: Peruvian African-Americans photography
Photographer Marco Simola is recommended
MARCO SIMOLA :  I am a freelance photographer currently based in Lima, Peru and available for assignment worldwide. I'm oriented toward investigation of social realities, communities and identity related issues.

As a free-lance my photographs have appeared in many European on-line and written magazines such as Plen Air (Italy), Que Pasa (Chile), Religioscope (Swiss),Manzarock (Peru), Il Mondo, RevolutionArt, Latitudes, Asociacion Fotografica Manises... > more info
Marco Simola
blas cerdena 310 dpto 301
san isidro

African-American photographer portfolios

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African-American stock photos

African-American photography

24 photographers who do Afro-American photography: (studio not required/required)

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