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264 photographers who do event photography: (studio not required/required)

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Argentina (1) 
Australia (6) 
Azerbaijan (1) 
Barbados (1) 
Belgium (1) 
Brazil (9) 
Bulgaria (1) 
Canada (16) 
Chile (1) 
China (3) 
Colombia (1) 
Croatia (2) 
Czech Republic (1) 
Egypt (3) 
England (47) 
Finland (1) 
France (11) 
Germany (5) 
Greece (1) 
Hungary (3) 
India (8) 
Indonesia (3) 
Iran (1) 
Ireland (2) 
Israel (2) 
Italy (7) 
Jamaica (1) 
Japan (2) 
Kenya (3) 
Luxembourg (1) 
Malaysia (1) 
Malta (1) 
Mauritius (1) 
Mexico (5) 
Netherlands (2) 
Northern Ireland (1) 
Pakistan (1) 
Peru (1) 
Philippines (2) 
Poland (3) 
Portugal (1) 
Qatar (1) 
Romania (1) 
Russia (2) 
Saudi Arabia (1) 
Scotland (8) 
South Africa (2) 
South Korea (4) 
South Sudan (1) 
Spain (9) 
Sri Lanka (1) 
Sweden (3) 
Switzerland (2) 
Taiwan (1) 
Thailand (3) 
Turkey (2) 
Uganda (1) 
Ukraine (1) 
United Arab Emirates (2) 
United States (57) 
Venezuela (1) 
Wales (3) 
Zambia (1) 

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CRAIG ROBINSON PHOTOGRAPHY : photos | map | email Category: German event photographers
Photographer Craig Robinson is highly recommended!
CRAIG ROBINSON :  I am an American photographer currently living in Berlin, Germany.

I have over 20 years of professional photography experience in event photography, documentary wedding photography, creative portraiture and photojournalism. I regularly undertake freelance assignments in Berlin and Prague and I am available for assignments anywhere in Europe.... > more info
Craig Robinson
Normannenstr. 5

ADAM SHANE PRODUCTIONS : map | email Category: American events photographers
Photographer Adam Shane is highly recommended!
ADAM SHANE :  Commercial/advertising photographer based in Las Vegas. In addition to advertising work for advertising agencies and casinos, I also do production stills for TV and film, international editorial assignments and special event coverage for the 2 stadiums in Vegas. I got my start doing photojournalism in Asia and have a large library of 2 years throughout eastern and southern Asia. Passport ready and willing to travel for assignment.

Special... > more info
Adam Shane
9811 W. Charleston Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV
United States

XAVIER DURAN PHOTOGRAPHY : map | email Category: Spanish event photographers
Photographer Xavier Duran Herrera is highly recommended!
XAVIER DURAN HERRERA :  Ibiza based photographer with an extensive professional experience of 25 years, mainly shooting aerial pictures and architecture†around†the world, also with a demonstrated experience in fashion and studio photography. I am familiar with teaching as an important part of my professional activity. Adapted also to the new technology that demand to control the digital shooting, as well as the postprocess and treatment of the images with specific software for digital retouching. I usually spend three months a year working in... > more info
Xavier Duran Herrera

EYESMILE PHOTOGRAPHY : map | email Category: Turkish events photographers
Photographer Annemieke Borrias is highly recommended!
ANNEMIEKE BORRIAS :  I am a photographer based in Istanbul, specialized in children, family and business portraits. My style is a natural one, and I prefer to photograph people in an environment where they feel happy and relaxed. This can be their home or garden, the beach, the forest, or in a studio environment for more abstract portraits. Most of my portraits do not have a model release and can be viewed on my own website only. My other lines of work are venue and event photography, and photographs of the city of Istanbul and Turkey,... > more info
Annemieke Borrias
Garanti Koza Carsisi
H2 Blok, daire 7
Zekeriyakoy, Sariyer

MARIO PEREDA PHOTOGRAPHY : photos | map | email Category: event photographers, Spain
Photographer Mario Pereda is recommended
MARIO PEREDA :  Mario Pereda born in 1973 in Bilbao. In 1996 started their studies in the Escuela Superior de Tenicos de la Imagen (EFTI) of Madrid, where attended General, Profesional y Master in Photography courses. He has work as a society photographer, and has worked with the magazine 'AZ. Revista del Empresario' His photographs have been published in various media, including the Osaca Magazine, the Journal of Burgos or the supplement EP3 of the newspaper El Pais. Currently collaborates with Gran Angular Press and develops... > more info
Mario Pereda
c/Leonor de la Vega 11, 2D
28005 - MADRID

AUSTIN TAYLOR PHOTOGRAPHY : photos | map | email Category: Scottish events photographers

AUSTIN TAYLOR :  Austin Taylor is a freelance photographer based in Shetland, UK and focuses on creating stunning photographic images of Shetland, including wildlife, landscape and events as well as further afield. He is available for commercial and commissioned work in Shetland and elsewhere. Recent work has included commissioned magazine/ commercial work, weddings, portraits and commissions depicting Shetland life for promotional, editorial and website use. Austin also has a range of ongoing projects to supply his own photographic... > more info
Austin Taylor
3 Murrayston

THE PALMER CREATIVE GROUP : photos | map | email Category: Canadian event photographers

KEVIN PALMER :  America's Top Mining Photographer with an Awesome Outdoor Recreational Portfolio. Located just 2 miles from an International Airport, our team can be in any location in North or South America within a day, sometimes within a few hours.

20 Strobes all sync'd together provide an awesome lighting experience of even the most dull subjects - and, by utilizing the strobes in concert with 25 years experience behind the camera, we... > more info
Kevin Palmer
354 Onion Lake Road
Thunder Bay, Ontario
America's Top Mining Photo

PEAK IMAGES : photos | map | email Category: English events photographers

CHIZ DAKIN :  Chiz Dakin is an award-winning photographer who has been carrying a camera ever since her fingers got big enough to press the shutter button. She's widely travelled - key regions include UK, Antarctica, Falkland Isles, S Georgia, Madeira, Andalucia, Australia, Chile although she's nominally based on the fringes of the Peak District.

With a keen interest all things adventurous outdoors (eg walking, mountaineering, ski-touring,... > more info
Chiz Dakin
Banks Mill Studios
71 Bridge St

MICK HOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY : photos | map | email Category: event photographers, England
Photographer Mick House is recommended
MICK HOUSE :  As a professional photographer and filmmaker based in Southern England working for wide variety of business and private clients throughout world, I produce creative images and videos for corporate marketing and public relations as well as landscapes and environmental photographs.

I enjoy long standing relationships with many of my clients and a lot of my work is... > more info
Mick House
52 Green Street
East Sussex

PHIL CLARKE-HILL PHOTOGRAPHY : photos | map | email Category: Brazilian events photographers
Photographer Phil Clarke-Hill is recommended
PHIL CLARKE-HILL :  Photographer based between the UK and Brazil.

Producing a combination of self directed projects and assigned work, one of my working methods is incorporating audio and video to create multimedia pieces, as a way of harnessing the multi platform technology of our modern World.

Iíve been working professionally since 2007 and have been published and... > more info
Phil Clarke-Hill

AUSTRALIAN IMAGE ORIGINALS : photos | map | email Category: Australian event photography

CAROLE-ANNE FOOKS & GEOFFREY HIGGES :  Dynamic, documentary and expressive Travel photography with interests in people, landscape, culture, architecture, ancient civilizations, events, nature and wildlife. We have travelled extensively to over 50 countries in all continents, from Antarctica to Iceland, and from Pagan to Peru. We also have experience in closeup and macro photography, in events, in making composite images and in combining photgraphic images with computer... > more info
Carole-Anne Fooks & Geoffrey Higges

WILL BURWELL PHOTOGRAPHY : map | email Category: events photography, Canada
Photographer Will Burwell is recommended
WILL BURWELL :  I am Toronto based photographer and I am available for assignment, commercial/product photography as well as photo illustration.... > more info
Will Burwell
18 Victoria Park Ave
M4E 3R9

PETER M. WILSON PHOTOGRAPHY : photos | map | email Category: event photography, Brazil

PETER M. WILSON :  He has photographed many assignments in the fields of travel, editorial and photojournalism.

His commissioned and published photography includes work for leading publications, such as The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, Conde Nast Traveller, National Geographic Books and Vogue. He has also shot many titles in the Dorling Kindersley Eye Witness Travel Guides series. His work has taken him to countries... > more info
Peter M. Wilson
Gloria District
Rio de Janeiro

JOE STALLARD PHOTOGRAPHY : photos | map | email Category: events photography in England

JOE STALLARD :  Joe Stallard is an international publisher photographer based in the West Country of England. Having a wide range passion for photography from Wildlife and Landscape to Events and creation of unique artwork for individual clients. Over the years a sizable stock library has been established and is always willing to take commissioned work to meet individuals requirements.... > more info
Joe Stallard
The Retreat

KEN HOWARD IMAGES : photos | map | email Category: event photography, USA

KEN HOWARD :  Ken Howard is a Washington DC based Photographer and artist who lives, works and enjoys the fast paced lifestyle of the most important city in the world. Ken specializes in artistic, editorial and architectural photographs of Washington DC. He also has a passion for shooting still life and products and has been known to shoot highly stylized and creative portraits.
... > more info
Ken Howard
15175 Beacon Ridge Drive #107
Virginia 22193
United States

CORNWALLSPORTSPHOTOGRAPHY : photos | map | email Category: events photography of England

COLIN BANFIELD :  photographer for nwspapers and freelance for 11 years covering news events and produce greeting cards also just started working along side mike newman with ocean images... > more info
Colin Banfield
12c coinagehall street helsto

CALDWELL CREATIONS : photos | map | email Category: English event photography

MATT CALDWELL :  Caldwell Creations - Photographs, and gifts, of nature at its finest from the Royal Forest of Dean and beyond. Photos of landsacape, animals and birds from all over the world. Forest of Dean is where I live and is my speciality but I also travel in the UK and have loads of pics from all around.... > more info
Matt Caldwell
3 Hewlett Way

JIM HOGAN-PHOTOGRAPHER : photos | map | email Category: events photography in USA

JIM HOGAN :  Skilled at nature photography, seascapes, landscapes, and abstract images for over 30 years.... > more info
Jim Hogan
PO Box 1726
Palmetto, FL 34220
United States

RICHARD A. PEEL : photos | map | email Category: event photography, England

RICHARD PEEL :  Yorkshire based photographer seeking assignments and commissions. Working to produce photographs of landscapes, travel and places , local events, and people .... > more info
Richard Peel

MARC PELISSIER PHOTOGRAPHY : photos | map | email Category: French events photography

MARC PELISSIER :  With more than 20 years of photography experience (43Y old), I'm living on the French Riviera and I'm fluent in English.

I do not feel specialized in one photo area but get a large attraction for Nature (landscape and wild life) as much as Architecture and events photography.... > more info
Marc Pelissier
386 ch de la carpenee cidex 10
06330 Roquefort les pins

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264 photographers who do event photography: (studio not required/required)

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