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92 photographers who do marine photography: (studio not required/required)

Professional marine/marine life photographers by country:  
Australia (2) 
Barbados (1) 
Brazil (1) 
Canada (8) 
Colombia (1) 
Croatia (1) 
Egypt (1) 
England (20) 
Estonia (1) 
France (2) 
Germany (3) 
Greece (3) 
India (3) 
Ireland (1) 
Israel (1) 
Italy (1) 
Malaysia (1) 
Malta (1) 
Netherlands (1) 
New Zealand (2) 
Norway (1) 
Philippines (1) 
Portugal (1) 
Russia (1) 
Scotland (3) 
South Africa (2) 
South Korea (1) 
Spain (1) 
Sri Lanka (2) 
Sweden (1) 
Turkey (1) 
Ukraine (1) 
United States (20) 
Wales (2) 

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Featured marine/marine life photographers / aquatic photographers / marine biology photographers

TOOMAS KOKOVKIN : photos | map | email Category: Estonian marine photographers

TOOMAS KOKOVKIN :  I am an exploring photographer with a background in human cultures, people in their home environments, coastal and island people. I have accomplished several bigger projects with such organisations as WWF and UNESCO. Among my books are both photographic and popular scientific publications. Assignments which require research and knowledge are my favourite ones.... > more info
Toomas Kokovkin

Other marine/marine life photographers / aquatic photographers / marine biology photographers

WLPHOTO & WILDERNESS CO. : photos | map | email Category: American marine photographers

NOEL NIC'FERGUSSON :  Noël Nic’Fergusson, is a freelance North American Wildlife and Wilderness Photographer.

Trained in the fine arts, having explored the natural world all her life. Traveling days to weeks in remote regions recording wildlife in their natural physical environment and... the destruction of wilderness. Her images cover four seasons, with remote backcountry travel, large... > more info
Noel Nic'Fergusson
Greenbank, Washington 98253
United States

PAPILIO/ROBERT PICKETT : photos | map | email Category: English marine photographers

ROBERT & JUSTINE PICKETT :  Specialist in wildlife, from macro, high speed, lifecycles, animal behaviour. World-wide experience especially in difficult conditions - Rainforests, Scuba Diving, Extreme Cold.

Own Photographic Studio based in Kent, used especially for commission photography for educational and science... > more info
Robert & Justine Pickett
155 Station Road
Herne Bay

TERRY MATHEWS CREATIVE : photos | map | email Category: marine photographers, England

TERRY MATHEWS :  Terry Mathews is a photographer with 30 years experience in the commercial design and photography industry. Terry uses Professional top end Nikon equipment - Nikon D3X ( 24.5 mp ) and best quality Nikkor lenses. All images are processed from high resolution RAW files. Terry is a versatile photographer taking both studio and location work in his stride. Deadlines and budgets are key to this market sector and Terry has delivered top quality work, on-time and on-budget for many clients, from catalogues to consumer... > more info
Terry Mathews
Park Road

SUSAN WIEDMANN PHOTOGRAPHY : photos | map | email Category: marine photographers, USA

SUSAN WIEDMANN :  My longtime specialty is high resolution outdoor photography that captures the magnificence of Mother Nature’s creations. I keep my digital adjustments to a minimum, so viewers can get a true idea of what my eyes see in person. Thousands of images are in my archives, including:

* Dramatic... > more info
Susan Wiedmann
San Francisco South Bay Area
and Monterey Bay Area
United States

PETER STILES PHOTOGRAPHY : photos | map | email Category: Colombian marine photographers

PETER STILES :  IMAGE HIRE hold comprehensive stocks of images by Peter Stiles on most gardening subjects including: alpines, aquatic plants, bonsai, bromeliads, cacti, fruit, fungi, show gardens, garden plants, herbs, houseplants, insectivorous plants, shrubs, succulents, trees, vegetables etc. Also Guernsey, Herm and Sark, + general editorial and tropical marine aquarium fish and invertebrates.

A large selection of images are available on COLOMBIA. We... > more info
Peter Stiles
La Pintanza No 4, El Cruce,
La Questa

BOUVIER ROLAND : photos | map | email Category: French marine photographers

ROLAND BOUVIER :  Retired since Jan 1st 2014.... > more info
Roland Bouvier
76 Avenue de Toulon
13006 Marseille

CHRIS BARTON PHOTOGRAPHER : photos | map | email Category: Canadian marine photographers

CHRIS BARTON :  With twenty years of travel photography experience, from the Equator to Antarctica, British photographer Chris Barton is used to living and working in extreme conditions.

Progressing from many years with manual focus 35mm and medium-format panoramic film cameras, he has made the switch to digital with no regrets. Having worked as a expedition leader in Africa and the Middle East and travelled independently as far afield as South and... > more info
Chris Barton
Mackenzie Heights
V6L 2S4

JACQUES DREANO PHOTOGRAPHY : photos | map | email Category: marine photographers, France

JACQUES DREANO :  I lived all my life in Provence and i know very well the traditions of the country and sea;particulary the typical colored fishing boats. I have shot all the little villages in the Var;especially the vineyards with autumn colors. I have also a lot of photos of Provencal parades in local costumes.

My second interest is for the French Alps in Savoie with or without... > more info
Jacques Dreano
Le Parc Horizon
720 Av Louis Bozzo
83000 Toulon

THE TARTAN LENS : photos | map | email Category: Scottish marine photographers

UILLE DONNACHAIDH :  With more than 30 years experience, one who indulges in their career, does it well in my view, always striving for that one shot better than the last.

Specialities are everyday sights to which you may not normally pay much attention, along with Scottish West Highlands and Islands scenery, nautical and vehicular subjects and night photography.... > more info
Uille Donnachaidh
Isle of Skye
Isle of Skye

ROY LANGSTAFF PHOTOGRAPHY : photos | map | email Category: marine photography, Canada

ROY LANGSTAFF :  My earlier background in the field of engineering design leads me to create images having simplicity, structure, geometric qualities, and an air of abstraction whenever these properties are at hand. For all of those other times when form is not the main subject, I strive to create striking images using the available visual components within the scene. Many of my images have appeared in magazines and in governmental and institutional project reports. Travel has taken me to China, Japan, Italy, France, Switzerland, the... > more info
Roy Langstaff
105 - 3565 Wesbrook Mall
British Columbia
V6T 1Z4

ROBERT LEON PHOTOGRAPHER : map | email Category: marine photography in Canada
Photographer Robert Leon is recommended
ROBERT LEON :  Vancouver Canada based photographer with 33-years professional working experience specializing in documentary photography, photojournalism, travel-photojournalism, corporate annual reports, advertising photography and film/video.... > more info
Robert Leon
1958 Barclay Street
V6G 1L3

SAM CREED PHOTOGRAPHY : photos | map | email Category: marine photography in England

SAM CREED :  I am a Devon-based (and born and bred!) photographer, and have a real passion for my home county and for the great outdoors!

I seek to capture little-seen sites, being places that are either hard to get to, often missed, or simply unusual!

I know the Devon Coast and Dartmoor extremely... > more info
Sam Creed
17 Egham Avenue
St. Leonards

ISPY PHOTOGRAPHY : photos | map | email Category: South African marine photography

RAY IVES & ANN PALFRAMAN :  Studio51 is a collaboration by South African freelance photographers Ann Palframan and Ray Ives.

Specialising in studio and outdoor photography, their work is available under rights managed licensing and commissions are undertaken for both private and corporate clients.

Based on the... > more info
Ray Ives & Ann Palframan
Box 38
South Africa

CLIVE SMITH : photos | map | email Category: Australian marine photography

CLIVE SMITH :  My emphasis is travel, landscape (particularly panoramic) and HDR photography. I am available for freelance commissions.... > more info
Clive Smith
3 Palma Court
Frankston South

HEAR2HEAL PHOTOART : photos | map | email Category: marine photography in USA

GREGG & SINDI SHORT :  Photography has been a life long passion for us. Together we have followed the street fair and art festival circuit until opening 'the shop' in the summer of 2008. Our success has been primarily retail, offering our photographs as art. Since opening the studio, we have increased our skill in the area of portrait photography, and especially love photographing animals with their owners. We began selling stock photographs in 2005 and look forward to an increased opportunity with Photographers Direct.... > more info
Gregg & Sindi Short
4083-D Phelan Road
Phelan, CA 92371
United States

BIOQUATIC PHOTO : photos | map | email Category: Norwegian marine photography

ALF JACOB NILSEN :  Several years of experience with tropical wildlife photography from many locations in the world, including coral reef underwater photo. Bird photography, African safari and wildlife photos, Norwegian nature, flora and fauna, aquarium photos, fish and invertebrate photos and macro/micro photography.

A fascination for our living planet in combinition with a higher education in biology is the driving force behind the interest for nature... > more info
Alf Jacob Nilsen
Reinferdalsveien 18
NO-4432 Hidrasund

JILOA PHOTOGRAPHY : photos | map | email Category: New Zealander marine photography

VIAAN JANSE VAN RENSBURG :  I am a freelance photographer willing to take on most challenges, from the seemingly mundane to the exotic. I have enjoyed photography for many years, but have only aquired the necessary equipment to persue this profesionally about a year ago.

From a photo shoot of approximately 1000 photo's I select only the best 2 or 3 to publish as part of my portfolio.... > more info
Viaan Janse van Rensburg
New Zealand

SARAN VAID PHOTOGRAPHY : photos | map | email Category: Indian marine photography

SARAN VAID :  I am a Natural History Photographer and an avid wildlife enthusiast based in New Delhi, India. I love taking pictures of wild animals, especially wild cats in there natural environment and habitat. I travel extensively and quite frequently to wildlife reserves in India and also Kenya.

Though I love the wildlife in totality, I always find myself running after the... > more info
Saran Vaid
G7/5, 1st Floor,
Malviya Nagar,
New Delhi

THE KUBE STUDIO : map | email Category: Spanish marine photography
Photographer Jon Hernandez is recommended
JON HERNANDEZ :  Profesional photographer dedicated to Sports photography, Fashion photography and Travel photography.

Up for asignments worldwide.

Ready to travel and good knoweledge of traveling on low budgets and through low developed countries.... > more info
Jon Hernandez

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marine/marine life photography / aquatic photography / marine biology photography

92 photographers who do marine photography: (studio not required/required)

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