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1 photographer in Uganda who does photojournalism photography: (studio not required/required)

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ORYEMA KENNEDY : map | email Category: Central Region photojournalism photographers

KENNEDY ORYEMA :  I have covered the LRA war in northern Uganda and Southern Sudan for The New Vision Newpaper since 1996. I have also handled various photo stories including male circumcision by the Bagisu in eastern Uganda.

I have covered night commuters in Gulu District in northern Uganda and abducted children killed during a fight with Uganda People's Defence Forces in Lira , northern Uganda.... > more info
Kennedy Oryema
P.O.Box 9815

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1 photographer in Uganda who does photojournalism photography: (studio not required/required)

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Message:  Matthias, my organisation sends restored bicycles to Uganda. A container load of 150 bikes is on its way to Kampala now, arriving end of January. The bikes will be given to the Mpora Rural Family Home in the town of Fort Portal. Some bikes will be used to provide eco-friendly cycle tours of the Kibale National Park for tourists. I need professional pictures of the young people at the home with the bikes. I will use these pictures to encourage English people to donate money so we can send out more bikes. Please let me know if you could do this and what you will charge.
United Kingdom 

Message:  James, I am currently researching costings for commissioning photography - in Uganda for a few days, possibly a week, in January. Is this the kind of work that you might consider, please?
And could you possibly give me some kind of day rate - the project would involve some travel around Uganda to visit health/medical projects.
best wishes
United Kingdom 

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