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 Egypt : Restoration stela of King Tutankhamen , showing Tutankhamun with the gods Amun Ra and Mut . Cairo Museum , c . 1336 1327 BCE
Just licensed for: E115.00

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Photographers Direct offers photographers several different ways to sell their images directly to picture buyers:

1) Online Database. We are building a wide-ranging online database of images available to picture buyers and currently have 2,409,384 online. Buyers tend to prefer searching one large resource rather than going through dozens of small collections. You can upload your images into this online database and you will pay only 20% commission on sales through Photographers Direct. We only need low res images; once a sale has been agreed you can deliver the high res direct to the buyer. You will negotiate usage fees direct with buyers. The average fee for an image licensed through Photographers Direct is about 200 dollars, though images have been licensed for up to 5000 dollars.

Because you will always deal direct with clients when selling images through Photographers Direct, we are non-exclusive. This means we have no restrictions on photographers selling the same images through other agencies. The only exceptions are microstock sites such as istockphoto, canstockphoto, shutterstock, dreamstime, bigstockphoto, crestock - we cannot represent photographers who market any of their images on these sites. Why?

2) Picture Search Requests. We receive picture requests each day from picture buyers which can be emailed directly to you. If you have suitable images then you can contact the picture buyer direct (subscription-based) or upload images onto the website for them to view (commission-based). If they wish to buy any, they will quote a fee and terms of usage. You can agree to this or negotiate until you reach agreement.

3) Online Portfolios. You can set up a portfolio as a photographer or as a stock source to showcase your work. Buyers can search for a photographer to commission or for a specialist stock source to help them with a project.

4) Newsletters. We send out regular email newsletters to picture buyers worldwide as well as publishing them on social media and, as a Photographers Direct member, you will be given the opportunity to include news and photographs.

You have two options for registering to become a member of Photographers Direct: commission or subscription-based:

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Photographers Direct  =  Fair Trade Stock Photography

email: admin@photographersdirect.netprivacy policy
All photographs are copyright protected and cannot be used without permission. The digital images on the Photographers Direct company website are available for licensing direct from the professional photographers who have submitted them. If you are interested in buying a picture license you can submit a 'purchase enquiry' by entering your contact details and either quoting your budget or asking the photographer to send you a quote for the use of their stock photos. Your query will be automatically emailed to the photographer and you will also receive an email with the photographer's contact details so you can contact them direct about their images. If you cannot find a photograph that is suitable for your needs on the website, please try our free online stock photography search service. We have photographic professionals for hire for assignments all over the world, so we have a good chance of finding any picture you need.

Photographers Direct is committed to assisting pro photographers in receiving the best possible commission rates for the licensing of their stock photography images.

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