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"I've been a photo researcher for college textbooks for many years and have used Photographers Direct regularly. It is a wonderful service that has never let me down. I have found images that range from a specific restaurant in Miami to a small teachers' demonstration with signs in Italian in Italy. Even in this day of bulk contracts with the large agencies, I inevitably need images they don't have. That's when I go to PD. Once you make your selection, you work with the photographer directly. The whole thing is on a very professional level and works extremely well."
Judy Mason
"I get a lot of very interesting and different images from your photographers and I really like having those options. I also feel like most of what I am seeing on your site is not on other sites- undiscovered talent you might say- which is a real plus!"
Chris Henry, The Territory Ahead
man wearing lederhosen leaning at wooden wall, Bavaria
"I was delighted by the response and the quality of work. I have been shouting the virtues of the service to whomever will listen. It is an important link between photographers and all of us looking for an exact shot."
Andrew Cheesman
"Your resource is ALWAYS helpful and time-saving. I recently attended an ASPP (American Society of Picture Professionals - a group for both photographers and researchers) meeting and told EVERYONE there how much I like your service."
Billie Porter
Domes of the Cerro Tololo observatory high in the Andes mountains , Cerro Tololo , Chile "The photographers that have contacted me through Photographers Direct have been a pleasure to work with and very helpful!"
Barbara Gamache, McGraw-Hill
"Photographers Direct seems to be such a great service. I'm glad I've discovered it now, I think it's going to be very helpful."
Anna Bedewell, Dorling Kindersley
"This is a brilliant service well done! Everything has been thought of, extremely professional and efficient. Now I have used this service, I won't be able to produce another project without using it again!"
Cheryl Gatward, Newimage
"I was very impressed with the service offered by Photographers Direct - within a few days of submitting my request, I received a picture that would be ideal for the cover of the book that is publishing.
I certainly intend to use Photographers Direct again."

Ian Robertson, Ripping
Jotenheim Mountains
"This service is wonderful! Your photographers have been terrific and very professional. I've recommended photographers direct to my colleagues who work in obscure fields (with little available from the big commercial image sources). Well done!"
Dr. Kelly Donahue-Wallace, University of North Texas
"Your service is fantastic. It worked for me. I found a photo from Greece which I would not have been able to locate without your service or through traditional means of stock photo searches.
I had a critical deadline and within a couple of days, I had the photo that I needed, from the specific location with the correct visual content along with a hi-res downloadable image."

Michael, Chikamura Design
"I sure appreciate the entire concept of your company and have already made a good find for one of our upcoming publications! And that's after looking through 3 very well known agencies' websites without finding what I needed."
Doug Salser, Director, Literature Ministries Intl
"I think your site is fantastic and I encourage all my photo researcher friends to use it! Keep up the good work.""
Sarah Hadley
"...extremely helpful in posting my picture request on Photographers Direct and I received lots of fabulous pictures."
Natasha Evans, Homes & Gardens
"As a first time user I was really impressed with what was sent to me."
Fernanda Pisani, Maclean's Magazine
Cape Cod
"...just to say what an excellent resource Photographers Direct is! I wish I'd found it earlier!"
Alison Prior
"The response was unbelievable! It's going to take a while to wade through them all. Looks like you're on to a winner with this service. I'll certainly be using it again."
David Rose, Garnet Publishing
"I was contacted by several photographers and agencies, and ended up using images from two of these. All in all I would say the service was a success. Thank you"
Winnie Liesenfeld, Geographical Magazine
Samira Saeed "We are a small magazine with a 10,000 print run, and have been searching everywhere for Samira Saeed images. This is just what we were looking for. Thank you very much."
Nathaniel Handy, Songlines
"There are quite a few pictures here that I am interested in at some stage - your range is very good."
Peter Culpin, Pets Naturally
"I was contacted by several good libraries within a couple of days - one of which had a few pics which my client really likes. The website is a fantastic idea/service and I'll certainly be using it again and recommending it to people I know."
Daniel, Random Design
"I had a really good response from the website search and am now in the process of looking at quotes and images which go well with the cover design. Many thanks for your help."
Sharon McTeir, Chambers Harrap Publishers Ltd
"The day after having posted the request I was contacted by an agency who were able to supply me with the required images."
Mark Bird, CPA Graphics & Design Ltd
"And don't worry, everyone I know must have heard about this site as I don't stop going on about it!!"
Natasha Middleton, Scholastic


"An agency in New Zealand has just bought a photo of mine via the Photographers Direct website for $750 USD. I am, to say the least very please, it is the biggest sale for a single photo that I have made through a photo library in 15 years of being with various libraries, and at the best commission rate by far!" MCS Napoli container ship aground off Branscombe in South Devon carrying dangerous cargo and 2400 containers
Paul Glendell, Paul Glendell Photography
"Photographers Direct is quite simply the fairest, most equitable and magnificent stock business model I've ever seen. Rest assured that point for point, feature for feature, and for user-friendliness, Photographers Direct simply is the best in the stock business."
Dr. P. Kumar, Prophotoz
"We have had great sales through PD lately, let us hope it continues!"
Bernie Olbrich, Afripics
"Thank you for your amazingly efficient and intelligent service. What truly amazes me is that I haven't found it possible to improve on it. It's flawless. It blows my mind."
Victor Englebert, Englebert Photography LLC
"I really do have to say that your service continues to be fantastic. In the last week I have got three great leads from magazines. One of them bought three pictures and then came back and asked me to write an article (and supply more pictures, of course) for another one of their publications.
The wonderful thing about Photographers Direct is that you can make contacts that you would NEVER have been able to find by yourself. For instance, through PD this last week I've sold pictures to a Spanish magazine publisher and got an assignment from them as well. And I'm working with a French photo researcher on a fascinating project. One thing leads to the next. I could never have found these clients on my own, never. You really do bring the market together, the suppliers and the buyers."

David Pluth, FotoGrafx
"The site looks fantastic and I really appreciate the service you are offering to me and other photographers. No one else out there offering similar service even comes close by comparison! I mean it 200% all the other sites out there for cost and exposure."
Bill Morgenstern, Earth Moods Photography
"... I'm a non-subscriber - maybe I should have subscribed since the commissions I paid [on sales] this year were more than the subscription cost!!!"
Renaud Visage, Renaud Visage Photography
"I am thrilled that after uploading only two images I have made a sale!"
Julie Nightingale, Adam House
"I've done very well so far - off the top of my head I've made sales of around UK£1000.00 since joining. Not bad considering its not my main sale point, but sales of pics which otherwise would just perhaps sit on file here."
David Wootton, Airsport Photo Library
"I want to tell you, too, that your service is fantastic. Not only is it easy to use and you've thought of some really useful features, but it seems to actually work -- I've had two interested photo buyers in the past few weeks!
Thanks so much for putting what must be lots of hard work into this system, and for doing it the way you do; "fair-trade photography" is indeed much fairer to the photographer than most of the services out there!
Keep up the great work!"

painted house
Darlene Bordwell, Ambient Light Photography
"The last newsletter was very useful. I have been contacted about supplying pics on Mauritius. Keep up the good work!"
Perry Joseph, Perry Joseph Photography
"...we have now clinched our first sale to a client in the US for $325. I am pleased that this covers well over a year of your subscription service on our first sale!
I also have to say I have tried other services offered for free or trial periods & find them far too specific & less of interest to my needs.
Congratulations on our mutual success!"

Wayne Chasan, Assignment, Stock & Fine-Art Photography
"the Orca article - it looks like its going to be quite big - just talked with them this morning and they are planning on 8, possibly 10 pages - photo heavy... £1400!"
George McCallum, George McCallum Photography
"I really like the website and service and have referred many of my photo friends and students to your site. Keep up the good work."
Judith Pishnery, Pisconeri Studio
"I like Photographers Direct's approach to stock photography very much, and I have been passing along your URL to people who contact me looking for photos. Here's to continuing success!"
John S. Mitchell, John Mitchell Stock Photography
"I'd just like to let you know what an excellent site Photographers Direct is. I really like the ease of uploading and of checking requests and the cumulative submissions for requests. The transparency of this is very helpful. Speaking as a "seller" I just hope that the "buyers" find it as helpful as I do. I am certainly passing the URL along to researchers that I work with."
Dick Hemingway, Dick Hemingway Photographs
"You run a great service and we would not do without you!"
John Panton, ACE Stock Limited
red guitar "I have to say that they did a great job with the use of my photo on the cd cover, I am very pleased with the way it turned out! Thanks to Photographers Direct for making it possible!!"
Rita Weigand, Rita Weigand Photography
"Out of the many experiments in marketing my material, Photographers Direct has so far been one of the most impressive."
Pamela Hamilton, Picturenet

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All photographs are copyright protected and cannot be used without permission. The digital images on the Photographers Direct company website are available for licensing direct from the professional photographers who have submitted them. If you are interested in buying a picture license you can submit a 'purchase enquiry' by entering your contact details and either quoting your budget or asking the photographer to send you a quote for the use of their stock photos. Your query will be automatically emailed to the photographer and you will also receive an email with the photographer's contact details so you can contact them direct about their images. If you cannot find a photograph that is suitable for your needs on the website, please try our free online stock photography search service. We have photographic professionals for hire for assignments all over the world, so we have a good chance of finding any picture you need.

Photographers Direct is committed to assisting pro photographers in receiving the best possible commission rates for the licensing of their stock photography images.

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